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Global Medics Medi-Clay is a cooling clay used primarily on the horse's lower legs. It contributes to improved blood circulation and has a cooling and soothing effect on heavily strained legs and tendons. Medi-Clay can be used on horses in rehabilitation after injury or horses undergoing heavy physical exertion. As a result of heavy training or competition, the horse's legs may feel slightly swollen and/or tired the day after. The use of this product ensures that the horse's legs dry nicely and that waste products are removed.

The clay has a long-lasting, cooling effect and reduces swelling due to its soothing effect on inflammatory reactions in the body. Medi-Clay contains kaolin and bentonite. These ingredients act as absorbers and remove toxins from the body. They are rich in minerals, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium and zinc.
When to Use

When to Use

-After strenuous efforts to relieve tendons
-Horses in rehabilitation
-Routine use: After heavy physical exertion, apply a generous layer of Medi Clay to the horse's legs and tendons to provide rapid cooling. Allow the clay to dry completely and rinse with water until all clay is removed.

Intensive use: Wrap the clay with wet paper and a bandage and allow to soak in overnight. By using the paper and bandage, slower cooling is
obtained. Afterwards, rinse with water until all clay is removed. Repeat process after 24h
if desired.

For external use only. Close the bucket tightly to prevent the clay from drying out.
prevent. Does not expire.


Kaolin, iron sulfate, glycerin, zinc oxide, mentha piperita and menthol


Bucket of 3kg
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