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P-Block is an extremely powerful doping-free mixture of herbs to support and relieve the locomotor system of horses that have to deliver top performance. The soothing action on heavily loaded joints, tendons and muscles is recognised everywhere by riders performing internationally.

While our joint supplements (Arti-Sport) provide continuous support for the locomotor system, P-Block increases the comfort of the locomotor system even more on competition days due to its powerful, relieving effect on the horse’s body. This leads to a clear improvement in performance.

Sport horses that perform at a high level or older horses can often suffer from chronic discomfort. This unique composition of herbs that have an anti-oxidant effect provide relief in painful joints and muscles.

No doping substances

When to Use?
Instruction for Use

When to Use?

  • To support sport horses

P-block is guaranteed doping free and can be administered without any problems on competition days. The best results are obtained by using P-Block in combination with Lacta-Fort or Lactalyse (against fatigue and muscle acidification).


Ananas comosus, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), Glucosaminesulfate.2KCl (shellfish), Zingiber officinalis, Viola tricolor

Sensory supplements:

Boswellia serrata extract 200.000 mg/kg, Salix alba extract 175.000 mg/kg, Ribes nigrum extract 50.000 mg/kg, Urtica dioica extract 50.000 mg/kg, Matricaria recutita extract 26.650 mg/kg, Curcuma longa extract 17.000 mg/kg, Zingiber officinalis oil 250 mg/kg

Instruction for Use


  • Box with 10 sachets (30 grams)

Instructions for use

  • 1 sachet per horse, to feed the evening before the competition and 3 to 4 hours before the competition.
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